CountEm - iPhone App

A small but very funny mind training, count game to increase visual receptiveness. Fun for young and old.

In different degrees of difficulty you need to find out the amound of, more or less moving Items on differnt pictures. The less difficult levels are funny for children and the higher can be a real challenge for older. Try!

This first Release is an implementation of the basic game features, that will be improved with the soon following Releases.

Soon available in App Store!


CountEm is available on Facebook - become a fan!

With the actual Release you will get:

  1. funny Items to count
  2. constant, raising or up and down going difficulty
  3. local Highscore
  4. and a lot of fun

With the next Updates you will get:

  1. new Items to count
  2. additional Game Modes
  3. global Highscore
  4. Multiplayer - Duel Mode
  5. ...